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Most Wanted is the clothing brand for the latest fashion trends. Since 2014, we have been there for the young adult woman who wants her fashion items delivered quickly, wants to shop affordably and wants to look good at every occasion. Whether it concerns the perfect outfit for a maternity shoot, a festival or dinner date: we have it all.

Fashion inspiration for every day and every occasion

We hope to offer you fashion inspiration through our boutique, webshop, but also through our many online channels. With a huge following on Instagram and TikTok, we strive to inspire tens of thousands of cool, young women every day with the latest trends, stylish collections and must-have items. Join the MW Club and get inspired!

Mission and vision

Our mission is to inspire women with the many diverse fashion items we offer. In all sizes, for all shapes and every occasion. We keep that mission close to ourselves. Since 2019, we have been designing all collections in-house and having the clothing made by manufacturers with whom we work closely. Since 2020, in addition to clothing, we also design and produce shoes and jewelry ourselves. This way we remain involved in the entire process and are constantly improving every aspect to make your shopping experience the best possible.